Lens Box Media Works provides corporate services of all kinds including indoor photoshoots, explanatory videos, corporate videos, testimonials, and ad films. We have extensive experience in working with MNCs across various sectors.

Lens Box Media Works provides event coverage services of all kinds including photography, videography, highlights, live-streaming. We have extensive experience in a variety of events such as fashion events, corporate events, and national level exhibitions.



Lens Box Media Works works with models and designers to build their profiles and help them stand out in their industry. We have an in-house studio and also provide outdoor photography and cinematography services.

Lens Box Media Works helps clients stage their products through high-end photography and cinematography services which stand-out in the market. We create content that is aligned with the product to be showcased and we specialise in ad films.


Films & Documentaries

Lens Box Media Works produces award winning short films, documentaries, and feature films in association with various NGOs, students, and independent filmmakers. We also self-produce films and music videos.

Lens Box Media Works provides designing services across various industry verticals such as web designing, graphic designing for print and digital media, as well as designing for outdoor ads like billboards and flyers. We also work closely with companies to build their brand identities.